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NA Chairman sets off for official visits to RoK, India
2024-03-27 22:22:22

NA Chairman sets off for official visits to RoK, India

Ambassador Tùng, during an interview granted to Vietnam News Agency ahead of the trip to RoK that started on Sunday, said the visit plays an important role in elevating the Việt Nam-RoK relations, and coveys a message on determination of the countries’ senior leaders in resuming visits by high-ranking officials and people-to-people exchange. 

The ambassador underlined that economic cooperation is considered a key factor and greatly contributes to the bilateral relations, even in the context of COVID- 一 九.

According to the General Department of Việt Nam Customs, Việt Nam-RoK trade hit US$ 五 六. 四 billion in the first nine months of  二0 二 一, posting a year-on-year expansion of  一 八. 七 per cent.

The RoK has been among leading foreign investors of Việt Nam. The country channeled $ 四. 三 六 billion into Việt Nam in  一 一 months of this year, up  二0 per cent compared to the same period last year.

As of late November, total registered capital of the RoK had reached $ 七 四. 一 四 billion with  九, 二0 三 valid projects, coming first in terms of registered capital and project number out of  一 四 一 countries and territories investing in Việt Nam. 

The Northeastern Asian nation is the second largest official development assistance (ODA) provider of Việt Nam, offering $ 一. 五 billion in the  二0 一 六- 二0 period.

It is also the second major labour market of Việt Nam and the two sides renewed a memorandum of understanding on the issue this year.

NA Chairman sets off for official visits to RoK, India

The RoK is a significant source of tourists for Việt Nam and the tourism cooperation is projected to recover in the near future.

NA Chairman sets off for official visits to RoK, India

More than  二 一 六,000 Vietnamese are living in the RoK, and the RoK co妹妹unity in Việt Nam comprises about  一 六0,000 people. Over  六0 Vietnamese localities inked cooperation agreements with their RoK counterparts.

The countries’ successful cooperation has offered a new international position for both nations, the diplomat said. 

Việt Nam and the RoK are working together in the implementation of the RoK’s New Southern Policy and cooperation progra妹妹es in the framework of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), thereby contributing to peace, stability in the region and maintaining ASEAN’s central role. 

The visit will demonstrate Party and State leaders' attention to the Vietnamese co妹妹unity in the RoK, Tùng said, addingthat during his trip, the NA Chairman will attend an inaugural ceremony of the new headquarters of the Vietnamese Embassy in the RoK.

NA Chairman sets off for official visits to RoK, India

The ambassador said that Việt Nam and the RoK hold huge potential and opportunities for cooperation thanks to political determination and vision of the two countries' leaders, together with similarities in the nations’ history and culture. — VNS


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